Why form a regional SPP Network?

Regional networks are vital to a successful sustainable procurement strategy as they give you the ability to:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability
  • Learn from the experiences of other regional networks
  • Develop your regional supply base
  • Increase your influence though joint market engagement activities
  • Use joint procurement to benefit from economies of scale

What does SPP Regions offer?

  1. Support with developing your network
  2. Assistance with sustainable tendering
  3. Access to specialist workshops and webinars
  4. Mentoring from existing SPP Networks

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What is a regional sustainable procurement network?

A regional procurement network includes municipalities working together on sustainable public procurement (SPP) and public procurement of innovation (PPI). The network collaborates directly on eco-innovative solutions and tenders whilst building capacities and transferring skills and knowledge through their SPP and PPI activities.


A few success stories:

The Xarxa Network in Catalonia has a mentoring scheme for SPP, providing practical support to newer members.

It has become a reference point for SPP in the region, enhancing the reputation of all the network's members.

Réseau Grand Ouest in France uses thematic working groups led by cities which are particularly advanced in each topic to develop reports, recommendations and criteria which can be used by all it's members.

Members of the Region H Network in Denmark work together on improving sustainability criteria. These criteria are then used within framework agreements, which give network members access to ready-made contracts at a better price than they could achieve alone.

The Italian network Acquisti Pubblici Ecologici monitors the sustainability impacts of the different organisations involved.

This provides opportunities for internal benchmarking between members and gives them clear results to share publicly.



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