Regional network for innovative public procurement of green solutions

The Capital Region of Denmark's strategy is to focus on green, healthy, smart and creative growth. The Network's objective is to become a growth engine for knowledge, technology and innovation within the circular economy of the European Union.

Latest News

On the 1st of February 2017, the network hold its third meeting. The meeting took the form of a seminar on green criteria for transport, including cases in which transport is secondary to the service itself (such as, for instance, cleaning or maintenance services). The seminar focused on both legal, technical and practical possibilities of introducing green criteria for the transport service. The event registered 22 participants, including procurers and environmental officers.


What have we been up to?

  • Third network meeting in the regional network - a seminar about green criteria for transport
  • Kick off meeting of the thematic working group on market engagement and innovative green solutions organized by the Danish national Forum for Sustainable Procurement
  • A meeting in April 2016 on theme of total cost of ownership (TCO) and indoor lighting
  • A GPP training module in May 2016 on environmental criteria in a tender, compliance and documentation and political and organizational framework for green public procurement

Name of the network:
Regional network for innovative public procurement of green solutions

Copenhagen region (Denmark)

Six members (Five municipalities and the Danish Red Cross)

SPP Regions partners involved:
The Capital Region of Denmark and Danish EPA

Upcoming activities:

  • Arrangement of three working group meetings on market engagement and innovative green solutions in the first half of 2017

Results so far:

  • Published the first two eco-innovative tenders: an indoor lighting tender in Allerød and Fredensborg Municipality; a second low emission vehicles joint tender between 20 partners
  • Series of network meetings
  • GPP Training

Contact person:

Ditte Vesterager Christensen, special adviser to The Capital Region of Denmark