Metropolitan Region Rotterdam - The Hague

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In 2015 a total of 23 municipalities, including Rotterdam and The Hague, have joined forces to form a new metropolitan region located in the South of the Randstad area in the western part of the Netherlands. The metropolitan area’s aims and strategies include the improvement of various economic sectors, diversity in amenities and services, and further development of daily urban system by improving transport linkages and public transport operations. As part of this, they have created the MRDH SPP network on sustainable procurement and procurement of innovation, leading to frequent cooperation between public buyers. The network facilitates capacity building and knowledge exchange on procurement strategies, tender documents and specifications to enable sustainable economic growth in the region.


Network activities

The central focus of the MRDH SPP network is the active exchange of know-how about SPP among the 23 municipalities. During the meetings, participants share outcomes and topics that have an impact on all tenders in the region, such as social return, procedural updates and other procurement news. Working groups are set up to join forces during tender preparations.

The network is planning to release an expert list to several procurement categories such as energy performance contracting specialists, public lighting advisors and vehicle experts. Other expert tools and materials are available to participants.

Factsheets describing best practices about the implementation of SPP within the MRDH region are meant to be a good resource to share knowledge.

Name of the network: Metropolitan Region Rotterdam - The Hague (MRDH)

Region: Rotterdam and The Hague region (The Netherlands)

Members: 23 municipalities

SPP Regions partners involved: City of Rotterdam

This region is currently identifying the focus of its eco-innovative tenders

Contact persons: Léon Dijk (City of Rotterdam) and Elske Janssens (MRDH)