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Metropolitan Region Rotterdam - The Hague (MRDH)

In 2015, 23 municipalities, including Rotterdam and the Hague, have joined forces to form a new metropolitan region located in the South and the Randstad area in the western part of the Netherlands. The metropolitan area's aims and strategies include the improvement of various economic sectors, diversity in amenities and services, and further development of daily urban system by improving transport linkages and public transport operations.

Latest News

In April 2016 the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague (MHRD) SPP Network organised a special face-to-face meeting on the use of the Environmeter within Procurement, tool which measures a company's environmental performance, including energy savings. One of the benefits of this easy to use tool for SPP includes enabling bidders to demonstrate their ability in terms of sustainability to quality for the project. The Envirometer represents an affordable alternative for qualification submission such as ISO14001. You can find more information here.

What have we been up to?

  • Best practices of SPP in the region
  • Three face-to-face meetings in 2015

Name of the network:
Metropolitan Region Rotterdam - The Hague (MRDH)

Rotterdam and The Hague region (The Netherlands)

23 municipalities

SPP Regions partners involved:
City of Rotterdam

Upcoming activities:

Results so far:

  • MRDH Network will become a "Smart Infrastructure" project
  • Working group on tenders for several municipalities in the region, including social transport tender and purchasing of green electricity

Contact person:

Léon Dijk (City of Rotterdam) and Elske Janssens (MRDH)