Resources to help you start your own SPP Network

This is page is supposed to provide you with documents to help you starting your own network on sustainable public procurement.

You will find the SPP Regions guide for setting a new network, a planning support document, the maturity matrix and the prioritisation tool.

SPP Regional Networks Guide

This guide is intended to be a practical and living document which you can use to organise your thoughts and visions into a coherent plan for setting up your own regional sustainable procurement network.
It condenses the main lessons we have learned so far within the SPP Regions project.

In each section, we have laid out some of the key questions you will need to ask yourself when setting up your Network. In order to help you answer these questions, we have shared examples from our own experiences as well as some resources which might be useful for you.

This booklet is therefore more like a primer to help you through the first stages of the journey.



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