Eco-innovative tenders

All 7 regional networks are currently working to draft a total of 42 eco-innovative tenders - 6 per region - focused on:

  • energy savings in public buildings;
  • vehicles and transport; and
  • food and catering.

The goal is to achieve 54.3 GWh/year primary savings and to trigger a total of 45 GWh/year renewable energy.

APE Network

Joint Procurement of 500 GWh in Piedmont

The Central Purchasing Body of Piedmont Region, in collaboration with Metropolitan City of Turin and ARPA Piedmont, in the context of APE Network, has conducted a joint procurement of 500 GWh.

The tender specifications included a quest for a minimum 50% electricity to be procured from renewable sources and certified with a Guarantee of Origin. 

The tender is expected to lead to 150,000 tons of CO2 savings and 8.000 €/GWh financial savings.

Download the tender model


APE Network

Self-regulating LED lamps for Turin Polytechnic

The Polytechnic of Turin conducted the pilot installation of 16 self-regulating LED lamps at the Department of Control and Computer Science.

The LED lighting adjusts according to light as well as to the presence of people. The lights' tubes communicate with each other to maintain uniform brightness and have low maintenance costs.

Following the purchase, both a life cycle costs and environmental impacts assessment will be undertaken. The tender is expected to save 0.9 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Download the tender model


APE Network

Joint Procurement of 19 urban electric buses in Piedmont

Piedmont Region conducted a join procurement for the purchase of 19 electric buses and 10 years of full service maintenance. The tender was part of a programme launched by the Piedmont Region to promote the introduction of electric buses into regional transport operators fleets.

The tender included technical specifications on the batteries, the charging stations and the service maintenance.

The tender is expected to save 769 tons of CO2 emissions per year, a Primary Energy savings of 1.62 GWh/yr and a financial saving of €50,000 over 10 years.

Download the tender model


Bulgarian SPPI Network

Euro 6 cargo minivan for Gabrovo

Gabrovo Municipality conducted a procurement for the purchase of a EURO 6 cargo minivan for Zora nursery.

During proposal evaluations, additional points were granted to more environmental friendly vehicles meeting the EURO 6 standard. Though, the tender, also reports a lesson learned section, through which Gabrovo municipality reports challenges meet and solutions which could be taken to overcome these.

The main environmental benefits relate to the reduction in harmful local emissions of NOx and particulates (PM), 0.994 tons of CO2 emissions saved per year and a financial savings of 350 EUR/yr. 

Download the tender model