Measuring savings

For each eco-innovative tender published by the regional networks in the SPP Regions project, we are evaluating the environmental impacts. We are calculating:

    • CO2 emissions saved (tCO2/year)
    • Primary energy consumption saved (GWh/year)
    • Renewable energy capacity triggered (GWh/year) (where relevant)

    Our project target for the 42 eco-innovative tenders to be published is to achieve savings of:

    • 54,3 GWh/year primary energy savings
    • 45 GWh/year RES triggered



    Calculating the impact of eco-innovative tenders

    The environmental impact and benefits of each eco-innovative tender being published by the SPP Regions networks are calculated by comparing the emissions and energy consumption it causes with either a previous tender or a ‘standard’ solution on the market.

    A series of tools have been developed for the project:

    These tools are based on those initially developed within the GPP 2020 project.



    GPP 2020

    The SPP Regions calculation approach was first used within the GPP 2020 project. This project developed four calculators – for Energy Contracting, Office ICT, Street Lighting and Vehicles Calculators.

    You can download a detailed description of the GPP 2020 methodology here – and video tutorials here.