The Associate Partners

The Danish Forum on Sustainable Procurement: The Forum on Sustainable Procurement is a national network organization that facilitates knowledge sharing between public- and private procurers as well as suppliers. The knowledge sharing includes best practices, methods, and tools for green procurement, which are promoted through a website, newsletters, thematic network groups and various seminars and conferences. In these activities the aim of the Forum is reflected, namely to promote sustainable procurement of goods and services.


The Associació Catalana de Municipis (ACM): is a municipality association benchmark in Catalonia and the main voice of the Catalan municipals with more than a thousand local partners. Defending and representing the interests of all local authorities supramunicipal are one of the main objectives of the association. The association supports and gives: legal advice to local authorities to interpret the various laws that affect them; trains more than more than 9,000 local elected members and technical, provides better services to citizens by municipalities through aggregate purchase.


The Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Fishing of the Government of the Balearic Islands: makes proposals and develops the implementation of the governmental policy in sustainable rural development and in the protection of natural heritage, biodiversity, sea matters, and water, agricultural, cattle raising, fishing and alimentary resources. They Ministry works on issues concerning environmental education, environmental quality and waste management.



The Ministry of Territory and Sustainability, Government of Catalonia (DTS Gencat): is in charge of promoting green public procurement within the Catalan Government, working since 2005 closely with the government’s central purchasing body (the Central Supplies Commission of the Ministry of Economy) to progressively incorporate environmental criteria in framework agreements. For the greening of decentralized purchases, the Ministry provides tools and direct support to any Government body that wishes to include environmental criteria in their tenders. In the framework of SPP Regions, and as member of Procura+,  the Ministry is promoting cooperation and exchange between Catalan public authorities.



The Federación Andaluza de Municipios y Provincias (FAMP): nowadays FAMP has 776 affiliated local bodies. According to its statutory purposes, it provides services of interest for local bodies, such as technical advice and other activities to foster cooperation and collaboration among local entities  Among the different working networks and committees within the federation, RECSA (Red de Ciudades Sostenibles de Andalucía) aims at contributing to the sustainable development of Andalucía and its towns and cities, through the environmental sustainability and the integration of natural environment in the Local Administration’s policies.