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25 November 2015

Market consultation launched to find innovative office catering solutions

Following a prior information notice (PIN) published in October 2015, Environment Park (Envipark), a partner in the EU-funded INNOCAT project, is inviting suppliers and catering service providers to take part in a market consultation on eco-innovative office catering by filling out an online questionnaire. Around 100 Envipark employees eat in the staff canteen and the organisation is interested in using eco-innovative processes to reduce the associated costs and impacts.

Following an audit carried out with lead buyer Arpa Piemonte in early 2015, Envipark identified two focus areas for its upcoming tender on eco-innovative office catering services: reducing power consumption and improving the management of biodegradable waste (including reducing packaging). Based on the audit, Arpa is now launching a market consultation process to ensure the interest and capacity of catering service providers to meet its requirements.

To provide a clear overview of the eco-innovative aspects required in the future tender, a Market Sounding Prospectus has been published and is available in English and Italian. The next stage of the process is a market consultation. Both catering service providers and manufacturers are invited to take part in a market consultation survey (in Italian) by 15 December 2015 to share details of their solutions and confirm their interest in being involved in further market engagement activities related to this process.

For more information and to view the survey, visit the Office Catering page.

9 November 2015

The Metropolitan City of Turin wins the International Forum CompraVerde Award - Best Policy GPP

The Metropolitan City of Turin has been awarded the International Forum CompraVerde Award – Best Policy GPP, within the category of Public Administration Section medium-large. The jury selected the Metropolitan City of Turin because of its green public procurement policy, established and steadily developed over the years with APE Project. Their capacity to engage other organisations in the area has expanded the impact of green purchasing in terms of environmental protection.

This has been the eight edition of this award dedicated to public adminIstration implementing green public procurement practices.

Forum CompraVerde pursues to be a meeting point for different actors involved in expanding and sharing knowledge in the field of green public procurement. The objectives of CompraVerde are to promote a widespread culture of GPP, offer a place for of good practices of public, private and no-profit companies; support networking and discussion between institutions, enterprises and organized civil society; make demand and products/ services supply meet, and support green products production.