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1 September 2015

The SPP Regions project focuses on sharing knowledge on SPP and PPI among seven European regions

Some of the most impressive achievements in sustainable public procurement (SPP) in Europe are thanks to the active collaboration of municipalities at the regional level. The SPP Regions project has been launched in recognition of this, promoting the creation and strengthening of networks of public authorities in order to stimulate SPP and public procurement of innovation (PPI) in seven European regions.

The participating regions of Copenhagen (Denmark), Rotterdam – The Hague (The Netherlands), Metropolitan City of Turin (Italy), Bristol – South West England (UK), Barcelona (Spain), West France and Bulgaria will promote knowledge exchange at both European and sub-national regional levels. The main focus will be on the procurement of sustainable energy products and services in the fields of energy use in public buildings, vehicles and transport, and food and catering services.

By becoming early adopters of new eco-innovative solutions and technologies, local public bodies can bridge the gap between supply and demand of these products and services, and bring economic, social and environmental benefits to their cities and regions. SPP and PPI can trigger employment creation, boost the establishment of SMEs, reduce water and energy consumption, decrease GHG emissions, encourage a more efficient use of natural resources, and contribute to the improvement of air quality and life.

The project has key targets, including 54.3 GWh/year primary energy savings and to trigger the production of 45 GWh/year of renewable energy. Throughout the project, the participating regions will publish 42 eco-innovative tenders - 6 per region. In addition, the project aims at increasing the capacities and skills on energy issues of 460 market stakeholders.

Partners will identify another 10 regions interested in replicating the project by developing their own implementation plans.

The SPP Regions project is coordinated by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, in partnership with the Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione Ambientale del Piemonte (Italy), Diputació de Barcelona, Réseau Grand Ouest commande publique et dévelopement durable (France), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Città Metropolitana di Torino (Italy), Bristol City Council (UK), Gabrovo Municipality(Bulgaria), EcoEnergy (Bulgaria), The Danish Environmental Agency, UWE (UK), Region H (Denmark), and Ecoinstitut (Barcelona, Spain). The project is financially supported by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme