Which are the first seven European regions?

Barcelona region - Xarxa de Ciutats i Pobles cap a la Sostenibilitat

Created in 1997, Xarxa de Ciutats i Pobles cap a la Sostenibilitat is an association of municipalities committed to move towards local sustainable development, thereby contributing to global sustainability. Through the SPP Regions project, Xarxa plans to expand and increase the number of municipalities in the Responsible Consumption working group. The network also plans to train municipal managers and supervisors of financial assessment, as well as the legal services on the economic and regulatory elements to favour sustainable procurement.

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Bulgaria - Bulgarian SPPI Network

The Bulgarian SPPI Network is a newly established network under the SPP Regions project. The network aims to enhance sustainable development through innovative sustainable purchasing. For that purpose, it will create an organizational structure with sub-working groups, define a list of topics for capacity building, determine a list of tenders, and develop materials and tools. The Bulgarian SPPI network will be based on the experience of existing networks in the country, such as the Bulgarian Energy Efficiency Network EcoEnergy, that was created in 1997, and will follow the best examples and experience of the already existing networks in Europe.

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Copenhagen region

The Capital Region of Denmark has a strategy to focus on green, healthy, smart and creative growth until 2017. The objective of the green growth plans is that the region becomes a growth engine for knowledge, technology and innovation within the circular economy of the European Union. Sustainable public procurement drives the demand for green solutions and business models, and can have a direct effect on growth with less resource consumption and CO2 emissions.

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Metropolitan Region Rotterdam - The Hague

In 2015, a total of 23 municipalities including Rotterdam and The Hague have joined forces to form a new metropolitan region in the western part of the Netherlands. Its main objectives include the improvement of various economic sectors, diversity in amenities and services and further development of transport operations. Recently they agreed on creating a network on sustainable procurement and procurement of innovation, leading to frequent cooperation between public buyers. The network facilitates capacity building and knowledge exchange about procurement strategies, tender documents and specifications to enable sustainable economic growth in the region.

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South West England region - PIPEN

The Partners in Procurement Energy Network (PIPEN) has been developed as a result of the SPP Regions project, mainly from the membership of an existing West of England public procurement network.  The network aims to include all aspects of sustainability and innovation that are relevant to the range of tenders undertaken within the scope of SPP Regions, namely energy savings and increased use of renewables in public buildings, vehicles and transport, and food and catering.  Members will be encouraged to use the full range of sustainability and innovation measures in other procurement activities.

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Torino region - APE

Acquisti Publicci Ecologici (APE) was created in 2003, to focus on green public procurement (GPP) in the Italian province of Turin. Within the SPP Regions project, the network will expand by increasing the number of members and widening the practice of sustainable public procurement of innovation (SPPI). The Città metropolitan di Torino is the coordinator of the APE network and ARPA Piemonte is the expert partner for technical support. The network will organise activities of exchange with market actors for eco-innovative solutions.

Image copyright: Archivio Fotografico - Città metropolitana Torino, Andrea Vettoretti

West France region - RGO

RGO was founded in 2006 as a network with the goal to unite and connect municipalities, as well as to promote sustainable development by supporting their activities in green and socially responsible public procurement. It is currently made up of around 100 public authorities from the West of France. Within the SPP Regions project, the network plans to strengthen its training and awareness raising activities while increasing its number of participants and expanding to new regions.

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