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Partners in Procurement Energy Network (PIPEN)

PIPEN is a new public sector procurement network that focuses on three opportunities for sustainable innovation and improvement: energy in buildings, transport, and food and catering.

Latest News

PIPEN had their first official meeting on March the 3rd 2016. The bulk of PIPEN activites for the SPP Regions project will take place through working groups and communication will be enhanced through a PIPEN group on the Procurement Forum. The forum group includes information and documents and will be rolled out to all members when the working groups begin meeting more regularly starting from September 2016.

What have we been up to?

  • PIPEN has produced six 'how-to' vidoes which are available here
  • Two food group meetings, took place the 21 Sept. and 4 Dec. 2017
  • Organized joint event with Low Carbon South West on food procurement and B&NES on food contract in Oct. 2017
  • The Partners in Procurement meeting in Sept. 2016, attended by PIPEN members
  • Organization and attendance at a business procurement Fairtrade event on the 11 Oct. 2017
  • Working with Bristol City Council to develop minim food procurement standards for all food and catering procurement
  • Identifying and drafting tender models. The tenders can be found here.
  • Supporting each other with running environmental management systems

Name of the network:
Partners in Procurement Energy Network (PIPEN)

South West England (UK)

10 members

SPP Regions partners involved:
City of Bristol and the University of West of England

Upcoming activities:

  • Identifying and drafting tender models. The tenders can be found here
  • PIP meeting in February 2019
  • Food and catering group meeting in February 2018
  • Analysis of the survey of sustainable food procurement in the region
  • Planning a food procurement conference in March focusing on carbon emissions reduction in food and catering

Results so far:

  • A sustainable procurement benchmarking survey among members available to PIPEN's participants
  • Production of 'how-to-videos'

Contact person:

Christine Storry, Environmental Project Manager, Bristol City Council