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Acquisti Pubblici Ecologici (APE)

APE network was created in 2003 with the purpose of implementing Green Public Procurement (GPP) in the Province of Turin (now Città metropolitana di Torino, the network co-ordinator). The network is made up of 48 organizations which goal is to strengthen the implementation of sustainable public procurement of innovation (SPPI) within the institutions.

Latest News

In April 2017 the "S.O.S Acquisti Verdi" took place, organised with the aim of raising awareness among and training public adimnistrations. The event was attended by more than 200 people and included an afternoon part focusing on the A.P.E. Network. Participants worked in groups on the topics of including environmental criteria in tenders; learn  how to perform monitoring and to find a procedure to introduce GPP in the organization.

What have we been up to?

  • Implementation of a pilot system for establishing internal audit procedures for checking compliance with SPPI criteria in ongoing contracts for cleaning and catering services
  • Prepared a draft guideline to help organizations established a computerised monitoring of green procurement within existing procedures
  • Prepared the modelling of 3 published tenders
  • Second meeting of the Working Group on monitoring (to improve existing monitoring, facilitate GPP implementation, calculate the environmental benefits of GPP)
  • "Liberi di scegliere" project, through which after a period of training, drafts for the specifications for green tenders for vending machines have been drafted by students themselves.
  • Working groups on specific topics such as on monitoring and implementation of systems calculating and monitoring CO2/energy savings
  • Recruitment activities
  • Ape organized in collaboration with CONSIP Spa a specialized training on issues of new legislation on public procurement, GPP and LCC in April 2016
  • Helpdesk activities on SPPI on all categories that have minimum environmental criteria defined at national level
  • Communication campaign on sustainable behaviors in office “Homo Ambiens”
  • Monitoring Committee in Nov. 2016

Name of the network:

Metropolitan City of Turin (Italy)

48 members

SPP Regions partners involved:
Metropolitan City of Torino and Arpa Piemonte

To learn more: APE website

Upcoming activities:

  • Specialist training on minimum environmental criteria for buildings in autum 2017
  • Eco-tender on hospital catering services
  • Eco-tender on vending machines services
  • Pilot group for ensuring compliance with catering criteria
  • Undergoing collaboration with Piedmont region for the involvement of some organizations at the regional level (as in the instance of hospitals)

Results so far:

  • During its annual meeting, the Monitoring Committee in Nov. 2015 approved results of monitoring of expenditure for 2015:
    90 millions euros of expenditure in 2015 with environmental criteria;
    - 10.654 tons of CO2 avoided and
    - 529 tonnes of plastic total spared thanks to catering services (business and school) with a low environmental impact.
  • Market engagement meeting on catering services and innovation in energy consumption
  • One new network member, Comune di Poirino
  • One tender for the purchase of electricity from renewable energy for the Piedmont region
  • One tender for the maintenance and energy upgrading of the air conditioning system by Arpa Piemonte
  • In October 2015, The Città metropolitana di Torino won the Compraverde-BuyGreen Award (Best Policy GPP for Public Administration Section medium-large)
  • In October 2015, the Città metropolitana di Torino and the Comune di Torino won the ''Green Procurement in Action'' National Award
  • In June 2015 the Città metropolitana di Torino and the Comune di Torino won the bronze ''EU GPP Award 2016''

Contact person:

Valeria Veglia, Office of Planning, Environmental Education and Agenda21 at the Metropolitan City of Turin