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Réseau Grand Ouest

RGO is a sustainable public procurement of innovation network with around 100 members - all public authorities from the West of France. Founded in 2006, the main priority for RGO has been to help public authorities to integrate social and environmental criteria in their tenders and to stimulate exchange of good practice and knowledge between its members.

Latest News

RGO is currently leading two working groups on "Organic food and catering" and a working group on "Sustainable highways",
for which two guides have been respectively produced. A new working group has been launched in October in La Rochelle, involving RGO partners, entitled "Indicators and assesment".

What have we been up to?


  • Webmatinale on waste management and procurement took place in Dec. 2017 focusing on good practices and experiences from R.G.O members
  • R.G.O contributed to the set up of a workshop on food and catering during the Salon des Maires de France on the 22nd of November 2016
  • RGO organised its annual event in November 2016 on the transposition of the European Directive on sustainable procurement in the French Law
  • Three SPP Awareness days: SPP Awareness Days in Le Pays du Mans the 13 October 2016
  • Attended Procura+ Seminar in Rome in October 2016
  • RGO organised during the Climate Chance event in Nantes, from the 26 to the 28 of Sept. 2016, a workshop with ICLEI and SKAO (a Foundation owning the CO2 Performance Ladder) on "The power of public procurement as a leverage to stimulate sustainability and to have a positive impact on climate"
  • An annual meeting in September 2016 on social and solidarity economy in Lorient
  • Annual General Assembly the 4th of April 2016
  • 10th anniversary celebrations in June 2016


  • Webinar organised by Planet Procurement planned the 10th of November on Benchmarking study of SPP program “How to successfully implement a sustainable procurement programme – Lessons learned from 6 programmes around the world”
  • Two ongoing working groups on organic food and catering and sustainable highways (road)
  • Launch of new working group on "Indicators and assessment" in October 2017
  • Set up of five working groups on sustainable development topics such as green purchases
  • Ongoing working group on CSR (Corporate Social Responsability) in public procurement
  • WEBMATINALE on “local markets” took place the 14th of September
  • Three SPP training sessions on topics such as sustainable purchases and food and catering in Vannes the 26 September 2016
  • Through their GPP helpdesk activities RGO supported the following members in implementing SPP policy or to improve their commitment: The city of Saint- Sébastien sur Loire, City of Auray, City of Rezé, Brest métropole, Conseil départemental Ille et Vilaine, Conseil départemental Mayenne, Communauté de communes d’Erdre et Gesvres, Angers Loire Métropole
  • Set up two days training on SPP with Vannes
  • Ongoing partnership with the ATTF (Association des Techniciens Territoriaux de France) and the AAP (Association of the public purchasers)

A RGO video on sustainable public purchases

Name of the network:
Réseau Grand Ouest commande publique et développement durable

Bretagne, Normandie (Basse- Normandie), Pays de la Loire, Indre et Loire, Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Poitou-Charentes et Limousin) and Centre-Val de Loire (France)

100 public authorities

SPP Regions partners involved:

To learn more: RGO website

Upcoming activities:

  • R.G.O is currently working on SPP Regions tender model showcasing gpp carried out by the network's members.
    You can find the tender models here.

Results so far:

  • A guide for RGO participants and people involved on "Integrate sustainability in the purchases of gas and electricity"
  • A guide for RGO participants and people involved on "Reservation of public procurement for the benefit of people away from employment and with disabilities"
  • A trimestral newsletter for RGO's participants

Contact person:

Laurence Cesbron, Chief of administrative and financial projects and European relations of RGO