SPP Regions resources

Within the project, the SPP Regions partners have produced a series of reports, guidance and other tools for public authorities interested in sustainable public procurement of innovation. You can find them available in this page.

Annual Monitoring Report 2016 Annual Monitoring Report 2017 Annual Monitoring Report 2018

Combined report on existing SPP and PPI networks

This combined report focuses on aspects relevant to potential replication when creating, expanding or redefining SPPI networks in other regions – related to the organisational structure, network financing, main activities and tools developed, monitoring of activities and results, major successes achieved, key success factors, hurdles identified and strategies to overcome them.


Combined report on SPP and PPI networks

Existing SPP Regional networks - Best practices

We have produced a series of reports on successfully established SPP Regional Networks. The reports provide information on how they are organised, what activities they undertake and what they have achieved: