SPP Regions Tender Models

All 7 regional networks have published a total of 40 eco-innovative tenders focused on energy savings in public buildings; vehicles and transport; and food and catering.

To find the Tender Models visit SPP Regions Tender Model page.



Other Case Studies

SP Platform Best Case Studies

The Sustainable Procurement Platform, as the online hub for sustainable procurement, has collected a list of more than 200 best case studies on sustainable and innovation procuremen. This case studies detail the methods tused, the obstacles overcome and successes achieved.

To read through this month's highligheted best case studies visit the Platform's SPP in action page.

To find more cases visit the Platform's Resource Database.

Procura+ Network Best Case Studies

Procura+ Case Studies showcase replicable sustainable and innovation procurement approaches and strategies by Procura+ participants and SPP Regions participants.

The case studies range from examples of procurement in action to procurement policies and programmes.

To find the case studies visit the Procura+ website.

EC GPP Case Studies

On the EC GPP News Alert you can find a series of green public procurement resources, including best case studies on GPP.

Each News Alert is issued monthly by the GPP Helpdesk. providing, together with GPP best cases, short articles, forthcoming GPP events, new initiatives and guides, updates on relevant legislation, an interview with a key stakeholder.

To read through the latest GPP News Alert visit the EC website.