Market Engagement Best Practice Report

This report explores and outlines some practical steps to engaging with the market, using examples of successful processes and actions to show how it can work.

The report addresses the following questions:

  • What is market engagement?
  • Why engage with the market?
  • What are the first steps?
  • How much time does market engagement take?
  • When can I engage with the market?
  • What information can I ask for?
  • What are the risks?

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Performance / Output Based Specifications Best Practice Report

This report aims to explore and explain Performance / Output Based Specifications (POBS) for Performance Based Contracting, reporting successful practices and outlining benefits and potential challenges. 

The report explains the concept of Performance Based Contracting, looks into how this has been developed throughout time and reports a few successful best practices. Among these, Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital Trust procuring an energy performance contract; the Danish Municipality of Hedensted procuring heating and ventilation solutions with the aim to reduce both CO2 emissions and resource consumption. 

The report also aim to explore the key steps necessary in order to execute a POBS based tender, including a 12 step checklist to follow and potential challenges for when using a POBS approach.



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Life Cycle Costing State of the Art Report

This report introduces the reader to the concept of life cycle costing (LCC) and its current status and latest developments.

The report includes clarifications on the concept of life cycle costing and analysis and total cost of ownership. In specific, it refers to the new EU public procurement Directives, which clearly includes and defines the use of LCC within the public procurement process. 

Finally, the report identifies existing LCC tools and best practices with the scope of inviting procurement related professionals to the use of LCC.




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Circular Procurement Best Practice Report

This report gives an overview of the meaning of Circular Procurement and explores concepts and ideas related to the topic, including references to circular procurement examples.

The report includes reference to three priority focuses for circular procurement: the focus on services instead of products, a focus on the product's design, use phase and end of life and a focus on market dialogue. It includes a section on the benefits of applying circular procurement and some examples of circular procurement criteria for tendering. 

The report finally reports a few examples of circular procurement models, presenting circular solutions and dealing with different products, from costruction and furniture to textiles and technologies.



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Circular Procurement Case Study Collection

This collection of best practices aims to clarify what Circular Procurement is and what its potential are. It is intended to inspire procurement staff to look at products, ask different questions, analyze the needs in the organisations and challenge the market to a more circular supply of products and services.







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